Baby Woodrose and Death to Frank Ziyanak - Stengade 30, København 10/14/05

From Aural Innovations #32 (November 2005)

It is always fun to catch Baby Woodrose and I had not seen them since February this year, which was a great heavy, jamming show at RUST. I expected that the place would be packed as this was the first show in Copenhagen since the RUST show. The band's new CD will be released early next year so I was hoping to hear some new songs. The warm up act (some people were hyping a lot) come from århus and play some sort of sleazy garage rock. They hit the stage about 10:30 and the place was not as full as I expected. The sound was good and the band was quite strange but the songs did not really grab me. People seemed to enjoy it.

After a pretty short break, Baby Woodrose hit the stage and opened with a killer new song called "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow". While the lyrics are a bit cliché, the riff was a killer one. Great song. The set was pretty cool but strange that they almost ignored their last two releases, Money for Soul and Dropout (the cover record), playing only 1 song from each record and opting for songs from the debut and the new one. The new songs were really good and some pretty heavy riffs, ala Monster Magnet in some ways but the same old catchy Lorenzo Woodrose choruses. The crowd had packed the place now and there was a core of people in the front who were really really into it. Toward the end of the set Lorenzo put on a 12 string electric which I had never seen and this sounded really cool, especially on "Spinning Wheels". A new song called "Love Comes Down" ended the normal set at 45 minutes. The band came back out and played "Caught in a Whirl", "Come Down (Roky E.)", and "Nobody Spoils my Fun", minus the "it's along way to the top if you want to rock and roll part" that they used to segue into the song. A great show.

Set List: Here Today, Found my Way Out, What a Burn, Kitty Galore, Living a Dream, Honeydripper, No Other Girl, Roses, Born to Lose, Lights are Changing, Maya, Spinning Wheels, Love Comes Down, Caught in a Whirl, Come Down, Nobody Spoils my Fun

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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