Urdog - "Eyelid of the Moon"
(Secret Eye 2005, ab-oc-16)

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

Urdog draws on classic experimental psychedelic sounds like early Pink Floyd and Amon Düül II, combining that with the dazed, altered state of mind vocals and an overall compositional approach reminiscent of psych folk bands from the late 60's early 70's like The Incredible String Band and Comus. David Lifrieri's guitar is appropriately low-key and acid inspired with liberal use of the wah wah pedal, and Erin Rosenthal provides more low-key shamanic drums and an assortment of hand percussion, bells and shakers. But it is Jeff Knoch's Farfisa organ, which ranges from the liquidly trippy to the almost harshly intense that really gives the music its wide emotional palette. The longer pieces, like Ani Nie Ma and the title track are divided into various parts with different titles and different moods, but each part still seamlessly melts, one into the other. The shorter pieces each have their own focus, sometimes solely instrumental, like the opener Nepenthe, and sometimes with vocals, like Robur, the Conqueror. Paths of the Meridians also had some nice droney harmonium in it, giving it a bit of an exotic Eastern feel. Even though it does get quite intense sometimes, this is definitely laid back and spacious, close your eyes and sway to the trippiness of it all kind of music. And if that's your thing (it is mine!), then you will definitely groove to the Urdog sound. Definitely recommended!

For more information you can visit the Urdog web site at: http://www.urdog.com.
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Reviewed by Jeff Fitzgerald

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