Truckfighters - "Gravity X"
(Fuzzorama Records CD004)

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

The Truckfighters are back after the split EP with Firestone. Well, I have to say besides the band stealing a couple of ideas from QOTSA this is a damn good CD. It has a great mixture of more melodic riffs and an improvised feel at times. There is way more to this band than the stoner rock vibe. The opening 9 minute "Desert Cruiser" is very cool. While "Gargarismo" is a straight forward desert-fuzz rocker, "Momentum" is much more experimental. "The Deal" is very QOTSA influenced and not that interesting. "Superfunk" is a mostly instrumental number and very melodic but not funky at all despite the title. "Subfloor" has a really cool smooth groove and really gets going halfway through the track. "Gweedo Weedo" is a short 2 minute track with a sax solo of all things. A very laid back groove that becomes very distorted and then back into the clean. Cool. "Manhattan Project" kicks up into high gear again . In Search of (the) the way the beginning bass lines starts the track is a bit like QOTSA. "Intermission" is a short 2 minute instrumental that leads into the very cool "Zapruder". "Zapruder" has this really cool bass line and takes us back to the full on psychedelic stoner rock that these guys do best. The CD closes with the melodic "Altered State" at 8 minutes in length. This is a cool CD. If the band had a bad ass lead guitar player they would be at the top of their field in Sweden!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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