Rotor - "2"
(Elektrohasch 2005, 105)

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

Rotor may sound new on the scene to many of you but they have been on the Berlin scene for some years and have a really dedicated following. This is the bands second full length release of mostly all instrumental jamming rock music! The opening track, "On the Run", is not like the rest of the record in that it features English vocals by guest singer, Behrang Atavi, who on this song sings a lot like John Garcia (voice is very different, just the attack is similar). The music is pure Rotor with an ever changing of styles and rhythms and textures that stay very dynamic and features Tim's wah guitar prominently. These guys can really play. "Auf der Lauer" features a low down and dirty bass groove from which Tim navigates his wah guitar in and out with the riff getting quite heavy and then back down again. Milan spices things up with some cool drumming. I wonder how the band remembers all these changes in all their songs as they are changing all the time. "Supernovo" has a second guitar overlaying the main repeated riff at certain times during the song. This one really starts to rock out half way through. "Ruhig Blut" starts off slow and with a bit of jazzy guitar before picking up and getting quite heavy and changing quite a lot at the end with some delays, monster riffs and wahs…… "Erdlicht" starts with some drums before the heavy driving riff takes over. This is one the heaviest tracks on the CD and it has a sort of mysterious feel to it and features Persian vocals by Behrang. Great track. "Zeitstau" is a short acoustic guitar track of only about 1 minute that leads into "Hellway", which gets really spaced for a minute in the middle before pounding forward with a cool melodic groove. The CD closes with "Kraftfeld", which begins a bit spacey with a bit of delay on the guitar as the drums build up and the bass kicks in and they launch off into the final 8 minutes of riffdom! This is an amazingly cool release that really grows on you with repeated listens and you hear new things each time you experience it, In addition, it shows the band progressing a lot from their debut in 2001. Another excellent Elektrohasch release.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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