QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal - Vega, KÝbenhavn 6/17/05

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

This was an early show. Tickets said 20:00 and when we got inside at 8:25, Eagles of Death Metal were already playing and the place was packed! Eagles of Death Metal are friends of Josh Homme from QOTSA and he played drums on their CD. He actually came out and played drums on their last song. The crowd really dug them. They play a pretty straightforward garagy rock. They were quite ok and had a very good female drummer!. It was a pretty fast change over and QOTSA hit the stage and the crowd went nuts and the volume increased a lot! The band opened with "Regular John" and the place was jumping right away. It was quite surprising that they did not only play one song from the R CD (Leg of Lamb). Anyway, it was a pretty hard hitting set with a lot of the fast songs. They got pretty spaced out a few times, which was very cool. The last song of the set before the encores, "Song for the Dead", was amazing. The drummer is by far the best player in this band. He is really awesome and this song really highlights his playing. "Someone's in the Wolf" is my favourite song off the new CD, and it was very cool live. "No One Knows" was not on the set list but they were called back for an extra encore by the insane crowd. Josh did a long blues solo in the middle of this before going back to the main riff. People rocked and people had a great time.

Set list: Regular John, If only, Go with the Flow, You would Know, Medication, Avon, You can't quit Me, Broken Box, Leg of Lamb, In my Head, The Blood is Love, Little Sister, Burn the Witch, Tangled up in Plaid, Everybody knows that you are Insane, Sky is Falling, A song for the Dead, Long Slow Goodbye, Someone's in the Wolf, No one Knows

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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