Hezzakya - "Drugmetal"
(Vaudville Records PM13172)

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

It was a couple of years ago, it seems, that I reviewed this Canadian bands excellent Demo CD. I was surprised and happy to hear they had not disbanded and had produced a full length CD, which includes some of their demo CD tracks as well. While I don't think the title of the CD is quite appropriate as it is not really heavy metal but more a pure raw guitar driven fuzzed out stoner thing. The CD begins with the killer guitar that leads into the slow heavy pounding yet groovy track "Spirit Gun". While some of the stoner bands either forget the guitar solos or can't find someone to play them, you get plenty of cool spaced out, double tracked ripping stuff here. Thanks guys! I really like the unique vocal delivery this band has as well. Anyway, the heavy pounding continues with "Bipolar". "Alone in Texas" is next and is a pure wall of sound as the riffs just float on. "Weapon" is from the Demo CD and I just really love this track. It is heavy like old Black Sabbath and has a cool chorus that I can sing for some reason. Great track! "Darkness" is the fastest track on the CD and really rocks. "Broken Horse" starts with a very nasty distorted guitar that leads into the foot stomping riff. "Mutated God" sees the band take it down a step for the first time on the CD (but only for 30 seconds) and stretch it out to 6 minutes in a very cool track. The CD ends with "Killing Billy". This CD delivers the goods and is a solid 40 minutes of heavy shit. Not for the faint at heart. Beware!

For more information you can visit the Hezzakya web site at: http://www.hezzakya.com.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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