Elektrum - Mojo, KÝbenhavn 6/8/05

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

I saw Elektrum many times between 1998 and 2001 but I took a break from seeing them as it was always the same set and same numbers. Anyway, it was really great to see Claus, Ian and the new drummer at Mojo on this quiet Wednesday night. Only about 30 people were there so it was easy to talk to the band. Claus said that he feared that I would come but he was prepared - they had one new song! For those who don't know, the band is lead by the great guitarist, Claus BÝhling, who used to lead the band Hurdy Gurdy in the early 70's and later played with Secret Oyster and Masala Dosa before moving to England. The band split their set up into 2 sets as they always do. The opening number was a more laid back version and Claus had some new effects pedals as well from what I remember. The show was very strange as Mojo has this limiter that shuts the power off if it gets too loud. The band played a strange set because they were staring at this green light up on the wall fearing every moment that it would go off! Yes.. The new song was pretty cool. They even played the old Hurdy Gurdy song, "Lost in the Jungle". Ian is a very good bass player and he and Claus really fly together. It was great to see and hear them again. I look forward to hearing the CD they were going to record in the next week here in Denmark.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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