Various Artists - "The Desert Sound: The Spaghetti Session" (Wuck Records W R008)

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

This is a 16 track compilation of a lot of different Italian bands, most of which I have never heard of. This includes 5WD-comin' free, THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN-let me in, DEAD PEACH-Spain '87, JARAWA-lode, T.H.U.M.B.-black doll, GONZALES-dark mood, VORTICE CREMISI-no walfare, BLACK HOLE OF HULEJRA-tropic, ALIX-ground, HELLVIS-when hell freezes over, E.X.P.-retinal circus, THE MOKI SNAKE DANCE-I love you, STONEFLOWERS-two days (and another one), PSYCHO CRITTERS-hot leaf, TOO MERA B.-do the fish, and SKYWISE-into thick air. While the name might imply it is Stoner rock, that is only part of it. There is psych rock, stoner rock, basic rock and roll and more doomy stuff. It is an ok compilation but there was not really any band that just blew me away. I think I liked THUMB the best!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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