Plank and Daytona Motel - Kulturstaldene, København 4/28/05

From Aural Innovations #31 (June 2005)

I went to the show with Tom, hoping to hear some new tunes by Daytona Motel as I had run into the guitar player at Brant Bjork and he said they had some new material. Anyway, a new Danish (Nu) metal band opened the show. They were young and still wearing their influences a bit too heavy (KORN). Anyway, these guys like the crunchy metal rap style stuff and have the guitar riffs (no solos), tight arrangements, pounding drums and bass and occasional melody. They have two singers, one who only screams, mostly unintelligible stuff and the other a more melodic spoken words, almost like the guy from TOOL delivery of the voice. Problem was that all their songs were nearly the same. Let's see where they go…

Daytona Motel, was good time rockin' as always. The band was very tight on this night. They played one new song called "Super Human", which I had not heard before. They seem to be gathering a bit of a local crowd which is cool as they are one damn good rocking band. Check them out!

Set List: Dirty talkers, Chicago Blues, Crazy Kill Driver, Hell Brun, NYC, Super Human, Daytona Rodeo, Shaker Auto, Hell Yeah!!!!!!!11

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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