Tarentel - "We Move Through Weather"
(Temporary Residence Ltd. 2004, TRR67)

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

Tarentel is Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Danny Grody, Jim Redd, Tony Cross, and Steve Dye. The San Francisco group started in the mid-90's as an outlet for guitarists Jefte Cantu-Ledesma and Danny Grody to make left-of-center instrumental guitar suites. HELLO! WE MOVE THROUGH WEATHER!: Drum loops with live drums ? This dosn't suck but the question is, is it good? Sounds pretty damn good to me... interesting droning keyboards, goes to the outer limits, very sonic space rock. Simple strumming guitar, accordian? Viola? Very nice avant garde rock. ELEPHANT SHOES: So these guys have been at it for 10 years and I don't know about them? I'll have to ask around. Short, cut up Faust like, interesting. This CD is much more interesting than the other two I reviewed. GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CLOUDS OF DOOM: This music is all tastefully done, there's nothing obviously annoying, like most CD's. However it kinda gives me an '80's vibe like I've heard it all before, it's cool tho, well done... nice packaging, but groundbreaking? No... it seems that if your'e gonna do the "experimental" music thing why use unexceptional rock drumming? Can't experimental music finally get away from drums? Gets interesting/spacey once the rock drumming stops. Song is 16:47 minutes, gets more spacey and more interesting, drums are sporadic, very affected, strange guitar strumming. Truly psychedelic when most bands only approximate psychedelia. KLANKITY KLANK: Short atmospheric. BUMP PAST, CUT UP THROUGH WINDOWS: Self consciously weird song title? Actually it gives me an acid chill. Self conciously weird music? More drumming that's not that interesting. This is pleasant but is it any different than everything else? Is it a drum loop with live drums, does it matter? EVERYWHERE THE DAMN ECHO: Droney cool acid rushes squeeking and squawking, there are V.U. John Cale-ish drones throughout this CD. I'm not sure which instrument it is? A CLOUD NO BIGGER THAN A MAN'S HAND: Interesting title or a self conciously weird one?? "At volcanoes you have to wear your underwear on your head". See I can make up a weird title too. More uninspiring rock drumming with experimental music, some pretty cool guitar comes in to take it all somewhere!? Nice droneage, more acid vibratto, the drumming and guitar get more and more interesting. What does it all mean? Experimental music for the sake of making experimental music? Shouldn't there be something more behind it all? The last part of the song sounds pretty damn cool... the track is 15:06. I really do like long tracks and I do realize that every bit of it can't be an epiphany. WE'RE THE ONLY GHOSTS HERE: Sampled vinyl record skippin, scratchin, with piano riffage plus drones. Cool, interesting, but I've heard it before.

For more information you can visit the Tarentel web site at: http://www.tarentel.com. Visit the Temporary Residence web site at: http://www.temporaryresidence.com.

Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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