Sons Of Otis - "X"
(Small Stone Records 2005, SS-052)

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

Sons of Otis are Canada's answer to Italians stoner head fuck band, Ufomammut. This is the bands fifth release and shows no sign that they are becoming mainstream, despite a cover by the classic Steppenwolf! If you want happy music you better run far from this CD. This stuff is dark, heavy, evilly stoned and moves slow as molasses at times. This is challenging music and you must prepare yourself mentally before stepping off the plank into the unknown with Sons of Otis. The tracks are all long here with only 2 under 7 minutes and the last over 14 minutes! "Way I Feel" starts the CD off in a pounding slow groove (if you can call it that) and really far out vocals with massive delay, as the wall of sound flows. I really liked the cool guitar that opens "Relapse", but then it enters into a groove and mood nearly the same as the opening track. Still some cool stuff mixed in. "1303" is next and begins with a heavy distorted bass that just pounds endlessly and the vocals really trip you out. I was pretty taken back by the heroin version of "The Pusher". I love the original song but this is a bit too stoned. I have to say it is a unique version. The guitar sound that starts off "Help Me" is really cool. This is the only slightly upbeat rocking track on the CD. You need a number like this to kick you back to life once you enter into this world. The last two tracks really blow your mind if you get into these mindfuckers. Take some drugs and go off into the cosmos with Sons of Otis. You may never be the same.

For more information you can visit the Sons Of Otis web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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