Ping and No Life Orchestra split CD
(Luftwaffel Records WAF 8)

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

This is a split CD between two very eclectic and strange bands from Norway. The CD begins with 4 short tracks by Ping. "Minddiapers" is a very strange lo-fi lounge dub like thing with male and female voice. "Windproof and Superduper", is a more upbeat bizarre mixture of cheesy Casio keyboard children's psychedelic music. "Braindrops (Keep Falling On My Head)" is a strange and bizarre piece of elevator jazz dub thing. Weird. "I Really Wanna" has a lot of bizarre vocal interpretations. Some of the Ping stuff reminds me of the early Zappa and Beefheart but more cheesy and not as complex. No Life Orchestra are much more upbeat but not much less strange. These two bands challenge each other in some special way. No Life Orchestra start with "Screamcream", a much more upbeat and intense experience. "Sigarettpapir", follows with the same heavy dark bass sound to start but is a more patient sound. I like the way the guitars are mixed and the song has this very happy feel to it. "Kingstreet" again is quite upbeat and mostly instrumental and features great interplay between the musicians. "My Fault" ends this short CD (25 minutes) with an easy landing. Some weird bands in Norway... check them out.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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