Nightstalker - "What A Burn"
(Nasoni Records 2004, 036, LP)

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

This is the fourth release by this Greek 3 piece band and the first on Nasoni. The band's last release, The Ritual, was pretty cool. The band have been heavily influenced by the mid-90's Monster Magnet sound but this release really shows the band moving into their own rock sound, leaving the psychedelic sound behind. This is likely due to the guitarist who formed the band left in 2004 (although he appears on one track). "All Round (Satanic Drugs from Space)" starts off the LP and this track grooves and the sound production is quite good. I don't think the new guitar player, Tolis, burns it up quite like Harry, but he is still good. "Just a Burn" is a pretty normal stoner track, but "Don't Blow My High" has a really cool smooth groove to start and then becomes a bit hard drivin' like "Dozer". "Line" slows things down a bit and the slow part reminds me of ZZTOP before the heavy part kicks in. "Voodoo U Do" is a slow power rocker and has a really cool psychedelic middle section. "Iron" is one of the heaviest tracks on the LP but has this really cheesy "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" chorus… come on guys…. "Silver Shark" starts side B and is a great track with cool dual tracked lead guitars. "Explode" is a ballad and features Harry on lead guitar. "Give It All" features the lead vocalist and drummer playing some harmonica as well on this rocker. "Shadows" ends this record and is my favourite track. It is a great song with a lot of nice psychedelic touches to it. While the band has lost it's Monster Magnet sound they have not created a record that really kicked my ass. I somehow expected more from these guys. Still a pretty damn good record.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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