Mode 7 - "Night Echoes"
(Magnanimous Records 2004, MAG009)

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

Mode 7 consists of 4 musicians playing drums, bass, guitar, vintage organ and effects live in a small studio. The background noises of the night have been mixed into the sound to create a sort of eerie feel. The musicians apparently come from a wide variety of backgrounds and the bio describes the music as post rock, whatever that is suppose to mean. Anyway, the CD features 5 untitled instrumentals, with the first being just 2 ˝ minutes of sounds in the background that make you search for something before the drums and instruments slowly, very slowly, creep into the mix as the bass gets more intense. The second track flows out of the first and continues the creeping journey into the darkness. The track really gets intense and quite psychedelic at times. It has a great raw open mix with clear drums, deep bass and cool guitars flowing into, over and out of the music. Track 3 is a happy free floating excursion into the early morning after a long night session…. That is how I feel… The fourth track never really went anywhere for me. The fifth and final track, again, a mellow floating piece, is quite beautiful and features mostly delay guitars with mellow bass lines and low percussion. Music made late at night for the late at night. Good night…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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