Ministry - November 21,2004 at the Granada Theater in Lawrence,Kansas

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

This was only the second time I've ever experienced a Ministry concert. The setlist was a tad different than what I had expected. For one thing,they didn't play any tunes from their 1996 'Filth Pig' CD. But,that's alright. The sixteen numbers the did play were from the group's CD's 'Land Of Rape And Honey', 'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up' , half of 'Psalm 69' and their most recent effort 'House Of The Mole'. Lead vocalist Al Jourgensen and crew put on a ninety minute high decibel multi-media show for a crowd of about 450 strong that isn't likely to soon forget this evening of first rate industrial metal. Long time bassist Paul Barker apparently is no longer with the band. Throughout the entire performance, Ministry had a giant video screen behind the stage that displayed many rather disturbing images of violent news clips, political riots, police beating protesters in the streets, bits of executions, TV screen static, older videos of the band and vintage news stories. Never a dull moment at this concert. The only songs I recognized right off the bat were "Warp City", their ground-breaking "New World Order", "Just One Fix", "Diety", "Psalm 69", their Sabbath cover "Supernaut" (so glad they didn't play "War Pigs"...too many bands cover that as it is) and the unforgettable industrial anthem "Jesus Built My Hot Rod". A truly worthwhile shindig to gloat about to anyone who didn't get to attend. Needed my earplugs for this outing. To anyone who's reading this review, the Granada is like a old circus arena with a seating capacity of maybe 650. Some bands I've seen there in the past ten years include The Cramps, The Orb, Tortoise, Marilyn Manson, Gwar (four times now), Machine Head, Type O Negative and Ozric Tentacles. Lawrence is a neighboring college town, about 35 miles from Kansas City. Many great concerts have taken place there.

Setlist (in order): No W / Waiting / Worthless/ Wrong / Warp City / WTV / World / New World Order / Just One Fix / Diety / Hero / Thieves / Psalm 69 / So What / Supernaut (Sabbath cover) / Jesus Built My Hot Rod

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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