Colour Haze and Los Natas - Studenterhuset, København 11/8/04

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

What a night. I did not expect too many people on a Monday night but a dedicated crowd of 60 or so showed up. A lot of my friends were there including Gas Giant, Henrik, Tom, Julie, and more. All the Davolina's and Cherry Overdrive. It was really great to see the Colour Haze guys and also Mühle and Gerard, who have helped out Gas Giant a lot in Germany. Anyway, I showed up early and talked a long while with Ralph, who was to help with the sound, but the bands were lost in Copenhagen and were not there until like 7:15. All went well with the soundcheck and the bands got food, a place to crash and their weed, so they were happy. The Los Natas guys were really cool people. They started at 9:30 and everyone gathered around the stage. They played a very stoned set, I thought. They used to be a South American Kyuss copy band in the early days but not much of that sound is left anymore and the band play very stoned melodic mood music with some occasional grooves. Some tracks from the Toba Trance and München Sessions CDs were played and a few older tracks as well. They don't have a set list so they just play what they feel each night. Colour Haze is the same way, no set lists. Anyway, since they started late they only played for 65 minutes. No encore.

It took about 30 minutes and then Colour Haze was ready to take off. They opened with "Sundazed Into Roses", a pretty standard opener but it sounded great. The band were really flying on this night. Most of the new CD, self titled Colour Haze, was featured with "Love", "Did él it", "Mountain", and "Peace Brothers and Sisters" (over 20 minute song!). The crowd was totally into the long jam tune, "Inside", with parts of "Hey Jude" and "American Woman" by the Guess Who. They played 4 encore songs and this was on a Monday night. Great small crowd. This is a band you must see as they really deliver the goods!

Set List: Sundazed, Roses, Almost Gone. Zen, Peafe Brothers and Sisters, Plazmakeks, Mountain, Love, Inside>Hey Jude>American Woman>Inside, Did él it, I won't Stop, CO2, Outside, Other Side (2hrs and 20 minutes!)

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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