Hawkwind - Christmas 2004 CD-EP
(Hawkwind Records SR-002)

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

This was sold only at the bands live concerts in December 2004. Thanks to Carl, I was able to get one. The first track, "Christmas Treat" is a very stoned and funny 2 minutes. It has a pretty heavy bass line and freaky synthesizers as Dave and the gang wish us a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. Next up is a great live version of "Angela Android", recorded on the bands Spring tour 2004. It is programmed and sung by drummer Richard Chadwick and is about true romance between Man and machine (having an android to have sex with). Dave plays some really cool and pretty heavy guitar riffs. Next up is the "Secret Knowledge of Water", a spacey ambient piece with really cool floating synths and a very laid back delay guitar line. The sound in the speakers or headphones is even better, floating up and down in the soundscape. Very cool! This is followed by "Ritual Breathing", a really cool track that sounds like an outtake from the White Zone CD. The sound and mix is quite fantastic on the last two tracks with great spacey synths and Simon House even plays some violin if my ears are not mistaken. I look forward to the new studio CD, Take me to your Leader in March!

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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