Baby Woodrose - Rust, KÝbenhavn 2/3/05

From Aural Innovations #30 (February 2005)

It had been 8 months since I had seen Baby Woodrose, and with a lot of concerts and a new LP recorded the band were back with a few local shows here in early 2005. I was not sure what to expect. I arrived with Tommy and Thomas from Gas Giant and hung out with the Lowcut crew before the band hit the stage about 10:30. I knew a lot of the people here this night and it looked like it would be fun. Guf opened the show by telling everyone to turn off their mobile phones! I didn't see anyone do it! The band opened with "What A Burn". Guf had a really heavy sound on this night. Straight into a new song, "Do Right". "Pouring Water" really had the crowd into it and everyone was squeezed into the floor part of Rust. "Volcano" was really heavy and Guf was doing lots of soloing. "Pandora" kept up the speed and into another new song, "Whatch Gonna Do". I had never heard the next song, "Born to Lose". "Honeydripper" really rocked the house. I was really surprised when the band played "A Child Of A Few Hours" from the Dropout LP. It is such a great cover and it really gives the band a chance to play heavy! "You Own It" was really heavy and long with a cool jam. This was followed right away by another long jam track that ended the set. The band came back and played 3 more tracks, starting with "Caught In A Whirl" and into "No Other Girl". The band came back again and did a short rocking version of "I Never Want To Come Down". Great 75 minute set! I was surprised that the band played such a heavy, loose jamming show. Brilliant!!!!

Set List: What a Burn, Do Right, Pouring Water, Volcano, Pandora, Whatcha gonna do, Born to Lose, Honeydripper, Lost you in my Mind, A Child of a few hours, Found my Way, You own it, Nobody's gonna spoil my Fun, Caught in a Whirl, No Other Girl, Never want to Come Down

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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