Weird War - "If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Bite ‘em"
(Drag City DC251)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

First thing I should say... Damn this is cool!!!!!!! Artwork is like the old classic Funkadelic records and the music is highly influenced by that era as well. A cool story is told and there is even a little cartoon game you can play inside! Great funny lyrics, cool bass grooves and ass kicking funky wah guitars make this one a winner. I just saw this band at the Öyafestival in Oslo and they were the surprise of the festival. The band will be touring Europe in October, including a date here in Denmark. This is the bands third release, not including the AK47 7" released under the name Scene Creamers. The CD begins with a very Funkadelic inspired strange track called "Music for Masturbation". The thumping funky bass line and killer psych acid rock guitars kick in with Grand Fraud. The vocals are really cool. "Tess" is a strange acoustic based track with weird samples, strange lyrics, bizarre drones. The title track is next and an addictive one. It for sure gets you going and singing along. It begins with some samples of barking dogs and then the phased out wah guitar and thumping bass kicks in. Tight drumming supports this band. "Moment in Time" is another knock you out song with its slow paced and wah guitar which the whole song is built on. "Store Bought Pot" follows is another slower song with bizarre sounding guitars that weave around in the mix. "AK47" is the bands single and quite a fun groovy number. This one was great live! "NDSP" begins with a backwards sample and some far out tortured guitars that fade out and in and the band begins to chant the nuclear diarrhea sexual Palestine lyrics and you wonder what is going on. "Chemical Rank" features the bass player on lead vocals as well as guests the dignificant worm. "Lickin’ Stick" is a killer song with a guest pianist and a fast funky groove with trashy lyrics. The CD ends with the psychedelic ballad, "One By One". This is very cool and original funky, psychedelic freak ROCK!

For more information you can visit the Weird War web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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