Electric Prunes and Ghost Rocket - Loppen, Christiania 10/8/04

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

Magnus came over for dinner and then my friend Mikael showed up. We heard some music and drank some beers and then rode our bikes down to Loppen. Ghost Rocket was into their first song, "Ghost Rocket", when we came to the club but they sounded great. I think the band are getting better and better each gig. It was pretty much the same set as a few weeks ago but they extended a few of the songs with cool jams and the last song.

“We are from California and we are the Electric Prunes and we are not the copy band. First we are going to go to Church a little bit”. They did some cool harmony vocal thing and then ripped into the great opening song on the Artifact CD called "Lost Dream". A great song with a real authentic Prunes sound. The band came out and were jamming straight away with trading dual guitars. One was very psychy and the other more 80’s heavy metal style, a strange but effective mix. The set was a 50-50 mix of the old songs and the new ones from their two CDs they have released in the last 2 years (Artifact and California). The band kept up the guitar driven jammin’ psych with the classic, "Never Had It Better". "Ain’t It Hard", he said was their first actual record. This was foot stomping blues rock. "49 Songs" was next, a song from California. He said that they really love Denmark, a really good country. Nice thing to say! This was like a party rock song. "The Great Banana Hoax" was next, a song about scrapping banana peals and smoking them that they wrote in '67! "Running With Scissors" was a strange song with a Gary Moore like heavy metal riff but then a more psychy-dreamy vocal line. Strange mix. The bands only hit, "Too Much To Dream Last Night", was next and the people really loved it! "I Happen To Love You" was their 60’s ballad that they went into the mojo workin’ jam at the end, just like on the live in Stockholm '67 record. "Wind Up Toys" had this really cool guitar line and they went into this amazing dreamy Pink Floyd like jam at the end of the song. Very cool. Next up was the only lame song of the set, a song called "Rosy", about Mark, the bass players girlfriend. "Makin’ Some Noise" was next and this was a fast paced slide guitar rock and roller from the new record. The rest of the set was old songs starting with "Tidal Wave", which has a sort of Hawaiian like guitar. Again, the band did some cool jamming with great interaction between the two guitar players. "Shadows", a soundtrack piece they did in the 60s and it was never released. A great song as well. The only cover song they did, "Big Stick", a Pictures song. The set ended with a great jam on the song "Hideaway". They came back for two encores: "Try Me On For Size" and "Get Me To The World On Time". A great set with about 85 minutes of music. I was really surprised and had a great time on this night. Don’t miss this band if they come around!

Set List: Lost Dream, Never had it Better, Ain’t so Hard, 49 Songs, Great banana Hoax, Running with Scissors, Too much to Dream, I happen to Love You>Mojo workin’, Wind up toys, Rosy, Makin’ some Noise, Tidal Wave, Shadows, Big Stick, Hideaway, Try me on for size, Get me to the world on time

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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