Demolition Doll Rods and Cherry Overdrive - Studenterhuset, KÝbenhavn 9/25/04

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

This was the debut gig for the Danish all girl Psych rock group, Cherry Overdrive. I had reviewed the demo for Lowcut and was looking forward to this gig. I did not know anything about the Demolition Doll rods except that I had heard they occasionally take their clothes off at their gigs (two females and one male in the band) and play some sort of garage rock. Anyway, there was a pretty good crowd for this Saturday night and when Cherry Overdrive hit the stage, the crowd got up and moved towards the stage. The band opened with the catchy hard driving "Bells" and this went into "Donít Trash My Tale", a faster pace number that reminds me a lot of old Girlschool. They have this really small girl on bass. The bass looked huge on her but damn she really was excellent and the lead guitar player, she played some cool wah leads as well. "She Is Me", is a great track with cool vocals from Lene and a great mood. "In The Forest Of My Mind" slowed things again. A really cool mood song with some great wah guitar (mixed too low though). "Toy Boy" was back to the heavier side of things. "Sharks" was a fun song with a riff a bit like the Batman theme. "The Fall" was next and a cool psych rock ballad with duelling spaced out guitars, a bit like On Trial. "Run" is a short 2 minute rocker. "Story Of A Girl" had this great bass line that the song built itself on. This was the longest song of the set and total freakout jam at the end that was great. The band came back for two encores. "Hey Sugar" was a very normal pop like song until the band totally go berserk and get really fast and heavy. "Brazil", the last song, was really a great psych rock jam, inspired by the great movie perhaps?? Great set of psych and rock! A very promising new band!

Set List: Bells, Donít trash my Tale, Shi is me, In the Forest of my Mind, Transparent, Toy Boy, Sharks, The Fall, RunÖ, Story of a Girl, hey Sugar, Brazil

Demolition Doll Rods came out and man the female rhythm guitar and singer, she had large breasts squeezed into not much of a shirt (looked very uncomfortable!). Anyway, great outfits for all and a really low fi grungy, dirty blues-soul inspired garage rock. The female vocalist had a really great voice. The female drummer, dressed in a brown tight suit that did not leave much to the imagination, was not needed as she basically had two rhythms on her two drums that she had (no cymbals) and any machine could be much more interesting. Anyway, the band played a short set of stuff that included a really cool Funkadelic cover and a raw and nasty version of the classic blues song, "Spoonful". Overall, pretty enjoyable set.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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