Sgt. Sunshine and the Davolinas - Dragens Hule, København 8/27/04

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

I had set this concert up a few months ago with IDLHU (Gas Giant Side project) but sadly, this project is on hold and the band cancelled. Damn. Anyway, Sgt Sunshine, who also nearly called it quits, came over to play and my friend, Lene, said her band would play as well. Anyway, the weather was pretty shitty outside with a bit of rain and windy, so I did not expect very many people. In fact, more people from Sweden, friends of the Carpet Knights and Sgt Sunshine, showed up than Danes. Figures. Anyway, Julie and I went and Magnus and Michael from Mantric Muse where there, Anders and Dave (Bland Bladen-RIP) and a few other friends. We all sat around and drank beers and lots of joints were smoked before Sgt Sunshine hit the stage about 11:30. They opened with a free form jam and into Lungs. Sound was amazing in here tonight but loud! The band were pretty loose and jamming tonight, even more than the last time. Mountain Song brought all the people down to the front and things were going! All 25 people. Small crowd. The great Rio Rojo was next. The band played a cool spaced out jam during Kosmo-terra. This was true 70’s style jamming rock and roll! We loved it! Vega is such a cool song and was great. Not sure of the title of the next one (Century?), but short and heavy. They ended the set with Holy Mother, a song from their Demo CD that did not make it on the full length CD. Great song and a nice Herbie Hanncok inspired jam piece at the end. Short set, only 1 hour. Band had considered playing another set later but it never happened.

Set List: Intro Jam, Lungs, Mountain Song, Rio Rojo, Kosmo-Terra>Jam, Vega, ?, Holy Mother>Jam

Just as they finished, the Davolina’s showed up. Torben (from Magnified Eye) had just arrived a few hours ago from Århus and they had to rehearse, so they missed the set. Torben is the new bass player to replace Anja. Anyway, the new and improved Davolina’s were set to rock in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, a lot of the Swedes headed back to Malmö so we only had maybe 15 people left. Oh well, they rocked the house and have never sounded better. They played some of the old favourites and some songs I had never heard as well. It was heavy, sounding very Sabbath inspired at times with Torben, who is a much more aggressive and heavy bass player. Gives the band a kick in the ass and allows them to stretch things out and jams as well. A few very spaced out jams, which was cool. The band played about an hour.

It was a great and fun night... pity so few people showed up! That is life.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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