Colour Haze - "Colour Haze"
(Elektrohasch Records 003)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

This is Colour Hazeís follow up to the brilliant double CD/LP, Los Sounds de Krauts. It was recorded in Hanover in May 2004 and is a totally analog production to try to best capture the sound of the band and the 70s. The CD opens with "Mountain" (not on the LP version). "Mountain" starts slowly like many CH songs but then the groove kicks in and the band flies. Stefanís guitar sound has never sounded so good and Phillipís bass cuts through the mix and Mani... amazing... "Tao Nr. 43", is mostly instrumental and a groove rocker. "Did Íl it" is a really cool short 2 minute jazz rock instrumental. The band really shows off here. "Love" is a 9Ĺ minute mood rocker with some beautiful guitar playing and a bit jazzy at times as well. "Solitude" is a very heartfelt acoustic song. The center piece of the CD and maybe the best song the band has ever composed, is the 22 minute, "Peace, Brothers and Sisters!" It begins slow and spacey with Dave (Sula) playing some cool windy synths that fade away as we get pummeled by heavy riffs and great grooves that go on and on and develop. One part is Grand Funk, another Sabbath, Leafhound and ending with FREE. Amazing guitar solos and jamming by the band! "Flowers", another acoustic song closes this great CD. While, Colour Haze have not altered their sound and stick to what they do well but they have never sound better. Long live the 70ís rock and roll.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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