Church Of Misery - "The Second Coming"
(Leafhound Records 2004, PX-117)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

This is the bands second full length CD and a long wait since the debut in 2002. This Japanese band have produced several split projects and have a double CD early works compilation that is due out any day. Anyway, the 7 songs here are themed around 5 different serial killers. We start off with "Motherfucker" (Ted Bundy). The production is so damn raw and this is more hard driving and not as doomy as previous material I have heard but includes some ripping lead guitars. "Soul Discharge" (Mark Essex) is next and pretty damn brutal as well. The vocals are very tortured but the band build up a cool groove. "Red Ripper Blues" (Andaei Chikatilo) starts with some samples and tasty blues guitar and spaced out synthesizer sounds but donít be fooled as this band plans to rip your head off every time. Awesome space blues!!!!! "Filth Bitch Boogie" (Aileen Wuoanos) also has some samples to start things off before a pretty cool bluesy hard rock riff takes the song on itís way. Nothing to do with the old TANK song of the same title. Next, the band take on the classic Cactus song, "One Way or Another", and do a pretty good job with a nice long jam. "Candy Man" (Dean Coall) is a slow heavy, more doomy song and the longest on the CD at 7Ĺ minutes. Reminds me a bit of Cathedral this one! The CD closes with the slow building doomy, instrumental, "El Topo". I assume titled after the cool film by Alejandro Jadorowsky. I wish the production value was a bit higher as it is a bit hard on the ears at times but great songs and playing.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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