The Bevis Frond - "Hit Squad" (Woronzow 56)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

Well, after a two year break (not from writing, just releasing records), Nick Saloman is back with a new 18 song CD. I usually avoid reviewing Nickís records as I feel too personal connection to the man. What I can say is this is a cool collection of songs. It was recorded at Golddust Studios with Adrian Shaw (bass), Jules Fenton (Drums), and also Paul Simmons (Guitar for Alchemysts), Debbie Saloman (Vocals and daughter), Reddy Lorimer (Trumpet) and Mark Burgess. "All Set" opens the CD and is maybe my favorite song on the CD. I love the Trumpet and this one really reminds me of Arthur Lee and Love. The record has the ballads ("Way Back When", "Crumbs", "No Attempt"), the rockers ("Dragons", "Mission Completed", "Your Little Point", "Doing Nothing", "Am I Burning") and the 60ís inspired tracks ("Through The Hedge", "No Attempt"). "I Feel Bad About You" has a bass line much like the Beatles "Come Together", that starts the song. Nick for sure is inspired by the Beatles. How can you not be?? "Hit Squad" is a really unique track and features his daughter on vocals. Could have been on a TV show in the 60s! The CD closes with "Fast Falls The Eventide" and is the song most closely related to the stuff Nick played on the early records. It is a great, diverse record of hard, soft, psychedelic rock for the whole family. It will make you laugh, cry, sing along, mad and glad. What more do you want from a record these days?

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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