Amps II Eleven - s/t
(Smog Veil Records 2004, SV52CDRp)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

Some would say that is this is how good old time ass kicking rock and roll should sound! This was recorded in a top notch 24 track 2" studio and the raw energy and sound of the band was extremely well captured. This five piece band that hail from Cleveland donít let up for one minute on this CD. "Gas Grass or Ass", the old 70s saying, which I had not heard in a long time is one of the foot stomping hard hitting songs that has a nice melodic line and great chorus! "Dirty Handshakes" has a nice middle section break before pounding back with some ripping solos! "Denim and Daggers", is a street fighting song of sorts. I really liked the dual guitars at the beginning of "Put Down the Hype". The title track is also one of the best on the record with a killer groove! "State Road Strangler" closes the CD and is a strong foot stomper. Ass kickin!

The bass and drums are hard driving and the dual guitars and raw vocals deliver the goods. While the CD goes by fast and the songs rock like hell, it is hard to imagine this band donít kick your ass live!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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