Air Formation - "Stay Inside, Feel Everything"
(Clairecords 2004, FERN 041)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

From the UK, Air Formation play a beautifully cosmic brand of guitar driven Shoegazer styled space rock. This is the kind of stuff that sweeps you up and carries you away on a journey to otherwordly dimensions... ethereal to the Nth degree. "Stay Inside, Feel Everything" is their second album, and for this set the band consists of Matt Bartram on guitars, programming and voice, Ben Pierce on bass, Richard Parks on keyboards and drones and Ian Sheridan on guitar and feedback.

Air Formation construct their songs such that they come roaring out of the starting gate at full volume impact, only to ease the tension at key points in the songs. Others build from floating cloud like spacescapes to high intensity, crushing waves of droning yet melodic sound, that have the power of a tidal wave yet lovingly caress the listeners mind with the sheer beauty of the music. This is multi-textured space guitar heaven for the heavy rocking cosmic drone assault crowd. Bartram is credited with vocals and there certainly is singing on the album, but like much music of this style you can't really make out the words and the voice really just serves as soothing brain balm, which is an effect I personally like.

"Seethrustars" is a standout track, being the shortest but one of the most potent songs of the set, pounding out thunderous percussive blasts and power chords that add a metallic edge to the trademark Shoegaze sound. Very intense. "Full Flight" and "Caught Upon The Waves" are highlight tracks that have a similarly overpowering affect. "Stay Inside, Feel Everything" is a little different, having more of a rock n roll groove than the other songs, while still retaining the spaced out wall of sound style of the album. Fans of nuclear powered Shoegazer space rock will find much to love here. Check it out.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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