No Neck Blues Band - "Intonomancy"
(Sound@One 2002, #64)

From Aural Innovations #24 (July 2003)

There are parts of this CD that have a definite lean towards the early Syd Barrett Pink Floyd noise aspect and there are others that sway into Jorge Reyes territory. On the majority, Intonomancy is keyed for those who indulge in drawn out, experimental music. It is wired for the drug experience that comes with music like this, and most of all, it is by no way blues.

The No Neck Blues Band are very Pink Floydesque. They produce long instrumental pieces that are obscure in sound and rolling in rhythm. This is an interesting creation. When listening to the tracks as they play I can strongly compare them to Pink Floyd and no one else. This Floyd feel is of the older stuff rather than the new, but they do it with a difference. Just as Mr Quimby’s Beard do in their Floydier tunes The No Neck Blues Band also take it their own way. However, the structured style that they use is essentially influenced by Pink Floyd, and that is the way that it sounds.

I could go on about what they sound like but I would just keep harping back to Floyd. The quality and the production is good, it does the job that it is meant to do, submerge you and take you for a journey. I have no info about band members but I can say that there are drums/percussion, bass, guitar, and organ/keyboards on most pieces.

The percussion-orientated pieces sound like Jorge Reyes, but inevitably will swing back to Barrett era Floyd. it would be safe to say if you like Pink Floyd in the more experimental times you will like The No Neck Blues Band. But remember that they take it into places of their own via those influences, making an old style fresh. Good to hear bands experimenting in these fields.

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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