Gavan Kearney - 3 Song CDR-EP (2003)

From Aural Innovations #24 (July 2003)

Gavan Kearney is a musician and artist from London. This CD contains 4 tracks (the artwork only lists 3), the 3 listed ones all around 8 minutes in length. All the tracks here are different journeys through space and time, in a land only visited by Gavan. He lets you into his room to hear what is going on. "Innerspaceage" is really a journey of sorts which starts quite spaced out but flows into a dub section. The music features bass, guitar and keyboards. "Las a Solas" starts with some very dark electronic noises and faint sampled voices before some cool guitar is played while samples of some people fighting in Spanish are in the background. "Loss and Solace" has a very funky keyboard line to start things off and is quite happy compared to the dark previous song. Some nice guitar is played over the top and it gets a bit hypnotic! The unlisted track on the CD is a nice piece of guitar with some electronics in the background, something he could proudly play for his mom! Gavan cites his influences as Miles Davis, Stockhausen, Can, Faust, Pink Floyd 66-71, and Debussy, and you can hear a little bit of all these on the tracks provided. I am sure you will read more at Aural Innovations in the future about Gavan Kearney! I forgot to mention, the cover painting is really great!

For more information you can email Gavan Kearney at:
Hear samples of Gavan's music at his web site:
Contact via snail mail c/o Gavan Kearney; 98b Lower Clapton Road; Hackney; London; E5 0QR; UK.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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