Blind Dog - "Captain Dog Rides Again"
(Meteor City 2003, MCY-029

From Aural Innovations #24 (July 2003)

Swedish riff-meisters Blind Dog are back with a vengeance, and they're on a mission to stone you with crushing riffs and serenade you with songs. The band consists of Joakim Thell on guitars, Tobias Nilsson on bass and vocals, and Thomas Elenvik on drums. This is HARD rock folks that brings back loving memories of the 70's, with brain blistering guitars, a rollicking rhythm section, and raw, naaaaaaasty vocals. Throughout the album we're treated to heaping servings of monstrous rocking riffage, solid playing from this tightly knit trio, and excellent songs that demonstrate that these piledriving rockers have compositional chops too. The band come roaring out of the starting gate with shades of Hendrix on "Don't Ask Me Where I Stand". "Follow The Fools" and "Unsellable" both have a stoned Black Sabbath vibe that gets seriously pumped with energy, and includes some of the best ripping guitar solos on the album. "Fading Memories" is another monster rocker with great guitar. These were among my favorite tracks of the set. "Let It Go" and "Back Off" are the best examples of how Blind Dog can be rock solid heavy while the focus is on the melody and the song. And the closing track, "Be The Same", is very different, including acoustic guitar and keyboards. In terms of Blind Dog's song-oriented side this is definitely the highlight of the set.

In summary, I don't know how Meteor City does it but they consistently seem to find some of the best damn heavy rock acts on the planet. As someone who came of age in the 70's and has never stopped checking out up and coming bands, Blind Dog draw from the best hard rocking music of the last 30 years and make it very much their own. Recommended to headbangers everywhere.

For more information you can visit the Meteor City web site at:
Contact via snail mail c/o Meteor City; PO Box 40322; Albuquerque, NM 87196.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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