Gallery Of Mites - "Bugs On The Bluefish"
(Meteor City 2003, MCY-028)

From Aural Innovations #23 (April 2003)

This is a basically a side project of Tim Cronin and Jon Kleinman from Monster Magnet. Their other side Project, the Ribeye Brothers, has some similarities to this project in that the music is very 60s influenced and the vocals by Tim are in a very similar style. Gallery of Mites consist of Jim Baglino (LORD STERLING) on bass, Phil Caivano (MONSTER MAGNET) on lead guitar, Joe Calandra (MONSTER MAGNET) on bass, Tim Cronin (MONSTER MAGNET) on vocals, Stu Gollin (HALFWAY TO GONE) on lead guitars, Duane Hutter (BLACK NASA) on harmonica, Jon Kleiman (MONSTER MAGNET) on drums, bass and guitars, Ed Mundell (MONSTER MAGNET) on lead guitar, Mike Schweigert (LORD STERLING) on lead guitar and Tommy Southard (SOLACE) on lead guitar, with John Garcia (KYUSS) on guest vocals. The vocals of John Garcia on "100 Days" are so distorted (perhaps he actually did the singing over the phone!) that you can hardly tell it is him. It is one of the hardest hitting songs and not unlike the Stooges. Tim claims the Butthole Surfers and Union Carbide Productions as major influences on this project and some of that is not too far away. I think it is a great release and especially like the last several numbers on the CD, particularly the great long psychedelic rock track "A Man Called Shit". The title track closes the CD and has some great lead guitar. It is a great fun project but it is not heavy stoner rock. If that is what you are looking for then you might be disappointed. This is more a fun project of garagy 60's rock and roll with some tongue and cheek lyrics and good fun from all. A great release in my opinion.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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