Lightning Bolt - "Wonderful Rainbow"
(Load Records 2003, LOAD 041)

From Aural Innovations #23 (April 2003)

“Hello Morning”, the opening song had me wondering if this new one was the new, more user friendly Lightning Bolt - sure it’s kinda noisy, but it’s quite melodic and even, dare I say it, pretty! Of course, it’s also about 60 seconds long, and after that this Rhode Island duo launches into the all out bass/drum assault for which they are infamous. Highlights for me are the aforementioned “Hello Morning”, the blowout repeato riffage of “Two Towers", which hits some awesome “hey is the needle stuck, wait, this is a CD!” moments, and “Duel In the Deep”, the way in-the-red finale. They even manage to take time out to get a little mellow, as on the title track. The Van Halen-esque wank at the intro of “Crown of Storms” put me off a bit, but I am pretty much allergic to that stuff, so take that for what you will. Fans of contemporary “brutal prog” outfits such as Ruins and Flying Luttenbachers will absolutely love these guys, this is the direction that hardcore punk should have gone rather than the faster/faster/cookie monster vocals thing, and it’s great to hear that someone is doing it up right.

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Reviewed by Brian Faulkner

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