Inu-Yaroh - "The Next Door Will Be Opened"
(Public Eyesore 2002, #50)

From Aural Innovations #23 (April 2003)

Inu-Yaroh is a sonicly devastating blend of industrial, punk, metal, and free-jazz. The band is from Japan and the five tracks on the CD were recorded live in 2000 and 2001. During their European tour in 2001 the band was a quartet of saxophone, synth, bass and drums. On the Paris show cut the saxophone jams and wails and the drums pound against a dense, throbbing wall of sound. It's very aggressive but very passionate and the resulting glom has a kind of thrashing industrial free-jazz feel. The Bern, Switzerland show starts off equally dense, but more sedate and measured in its pace. The free-jazz feel is more overt though the drums and synths add a heavy and spacey rock element. The throb is massive and feels like having a vibrator jacked directly into your brain. And Matsuda's shouting is a bit crazed, adding a dash of Naked City to the mix. Absolutely wild and frantic stuff. From the 2000 US tour the Miami show is represented and features a lineup of six musicians, adding to the quartet an additional sax player and drummer. The drummers and saxophonists play like they're in duels to the death, bringing to mind the sonic equivalent of a buffalo stampede.

But the hands down highlight of the CD is the Kyoto, Japan show from 2001 in which the band appear as a quintet with a guitarist. The 23 minute track consists of frantic jamming with shimmering electronics and rising and falling alien sounds. I really dig the addition of the guitarist who kicks out all kinds of sounds like old time wah'd funk to spitfire solos. The tension builds to ever greater levels as the jam progresses and the energy of the players is unlike anything heard on the other tracks. A totally punked out metallic acid drenched free-jazz rockin assault. KILLER!! File under very dense, very intense, and very cool. Recommended.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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