Second Sufis - "Infectious Substance"
(B9 Productions 2002, B9725844)

From Aural Innovations #23 (April 2003)

I had never heard of this duo from Conneticut but this is the bands 8th CD. While listening to the CD for the 3rd time I decided to look into their web page. Damn amazing! I spent one hour reading all the information in their technical manual. Here is a quote about the instruments and philosophy of the band. “Second Sufis feature the Chapman Electric Stick, a ten stringed instrument with the range of a piano, played by James Mott. Also called the Chapman Electric Touchboard, the Stick is designed for two handed tapping technique. Jim also contributes bass, acoustic guitar, various horns, keyboard, udu, and other percussion. Mike Gorman can be heard on electronic guitar, acoustic guitar, oud, tabla and other percussion. The recording philosophy is simple - record live, without overdubs, to capture the creative moment. We are attempting to perform improvised music with a certain structural formalisms.”

"Krakatoa" opens the CD with a slow building but excellent piece of music (20 minutes!). Very nice interplay between the stick and acoustic guitar. It really sounds like more is happening. I particularly like the tracks with tabla, oud and udu. Sometimes the shortest pieces of music felt unfinished in a way. "Reign of Nails" closes the CD and is the most intense number on the CD. Seond Sufis certainly are an Aural Innovation and create music made for musicians and people who want to really listen to music. Enjoy. I sure did.

For more information you can visit the Second Sufis web site at:
Contact via snail mail c/o Second Sufis; PO Box 212; MPO; Washington Depot; CT 06794.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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