Nods Off - "Live At Tellus"
(Einnicken Records 2002, ers 0213)

From Aural Innovations #22 (January 2003)

This is a 16 minute live CDEP by four Swedish Free Form jazz players. The instruments performed are guitar, bass, drums and alto-tenor sax and voice. The bio describes the band as freejazzavantrock. This pretty much describes it head on. The opening song, "Dadeedah Dadoodah" is quite a chaotic song. "Steel Voice" starts with some sax and slowly the bass and drums move in. The guitar are quite in the background but slowly works its way into the sax sound, which is the dominant instrument as the piece takes off. "Jay Waltzing" is a mellow track with the sax leading the way and fades away as the guitar player does his first soloing along with some intense bass playing and the return of the sax. "Here There Down and Up" is a quick 2 minute song that ends this EP. Reminds me a bit of GONG this one. Long live Free Jazz...

For more information you can visit the Nods Off web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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