E.X.P. - "Pachamama"
(Vincebus Eruptum/Vinyl magic 2002)

From Aural Innovations #22 (January 2003)

There is nothing wrong with your audio signal. Please do not attempt to adjust your on-line frequency. Italian Fuzzrockers E.X.P. will control the audio. They will also control the audio. For the next twenty-nine minutes, this smashing outfit of psychedelic/bluesy hipsters will control all that you think and hear.

Chemical assistants welcome, but not required. You're in the hands of experts, so to speak.

Pachama will reach you through sound: "E.X.P.z and The Masticators of Frequencies" is a fuzzy/psychedelic gem (Part one cranks it; Part 2 is a spacey denoument); "Kick Out The Jams" salutes Motor City seminal rockers MC5; and "Supavacuum Cleaner" and the "Atomic Mushroom Eaters" sucks your cerebral hemispheres out through the nasal septum, irradiates the pulpy mass in a fast neutron flux, fries it up real good, then fires it right back at you at mach 3...

They'll hold your attention through song titles: (see above for examples)

And they'll take your eyeballs for a polychromatic spin: two enclosed posters depict luscious death-metal maidens, a battalion of anacondas, and plenty of good 'ole fashioned fire, amongst other goodies.

And these guys have the audicity to intro this classically (Zeppelin, Sabbath, et al) sonic grab-bag with a relaxation tape segment! Well, I never...

A musical force since '97, going strong in 2002, Pachamama breaks no new musical ground, but serves up a heaping, helping, hell, kickass serving of heavy, pungent rhythms spanning the last thirty years. Disappointment is not an option.

We now return you to your regular A.I. program...

For more information you can visit the E.X.P. web site at: http://www.expsupafuzz.com.

Reviewed by Ian Compton

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