Charles Rice Goff III

by Jerry Kranitz

From Aural Innovations #22 (January 2003)

Long time Aural Innovations readers will know that I'm steadily discovering and profiling long time members of the American underground homemade music scene. And I'm detecting a clear pattern in which these are not only among the most interesting people to talk to, but they remain enthusiastic about what they do despite years of functioning in relative obscurity.

This issue we profile Charles Rice Goff III who has been recording experimental music for over 20 years. Charles' music covers a lot of ground and will appeal to fans of The Residents, Hawkwind and Tony Bennett... HONEST!!! Charles releases his music through his Taped Rugs Productions label and, like many veterans of the underground, has reissued much of his earlier music on CDR.

So read about Charles' music in our review article. And if you're intrigued by the descriptions of his music then move on from there to the interview we conducted with Charles, a chat that is a guaranteed good read for anyone interested in the history of the independent music underground. AND... while you're reading you can listen to the 2-part Charles Rice Goff III/Taped Rugs Productions radio special we featured on our Ear-Relevant Music Hoedown show (see links and playlist below). There's LOTS of variety so if you don't like one song... wait for the next because it's bound to be 360 degrees from the one you just heard. Enjoy!!!

Charles Rice Goff II/Taped Rugs Productions CD catalog overview

Charles Rice Goff III interview

For more information you can visit the Taped Rugs Productions web site at:

Charles Rice Goff III / Taped Rugs Productions Radio Special
(in RealAudio)

Listen Part I
Download Part I
(10.3 megs)
Listen Part II
Download Part II
(10.7 megs)

Part I Playlist

[Track 1: 0:00-1:30] Machinations - "Living With Gerd" (from Machinations)
[Track 2: 2:25-13:25] Turkey Makes Me Sleepy - "Nocturia" (from The Fluff Of A Feather Pillow)
[Track 3: 13:25-18:35] The Magic Potty Babies - "Hemogoblin (911 Radio Edit)
[Track 4: 18:35-22:55] Charles Rice Goff III - "Picante" (from Whirledly)
[Track 5: 22:55-26:00] Charles Rice Goff III- "Padukem" (from Vulnerable & Volatile)
[Track 6: 27:15-41:50] Herd Of The Ether Space - "Level In The Box" (from Dolly & Jackie & Mr. Wren)
[Track 7: 41:50-43:10] Phloby Vs. C. Goff III - "Donde Esta Santa Claus" (from Book Of All Things)
[Track 8: 43:10-49:50] Charles Rice Goff III - "The Will Of Landru" (from Bean Dip Yo Yo)
[Track 9: 50:40-56:50] Hart/Goff/McGee - "The Alones" (from Meshed Mixages)
[Track 10: 56:50-1:05:10] Herd Of 360 Homogenized Dogs - "Life On Mars" (excerpt) (from Summit)

Part II Playlist

[Track 1: 0:00-2:25] Charles Rice Goff III - "Time" (from Cocktails Will Be Served)
[Track 2: 3:25-19:55] Disism - "Tales Of The Great White North Movement" (from 60 Seconds Left)
[Track 3: 19:55-24:30] -Ing - "Therapy" (from Ingtrospection)
[Track 4: 24:30-29:55] Charles Rice Goff III - "Truth Lies In Trust" (from -Re)
[Track 5: 29:55-32:00] Machinations - "Sacerdotal" (from Machinations)
[Track 6: 32:00-33:50] Charles Rice Goff III - "Boom" (from Whirledly")
[Track 7: 34:20-37:45] The Magic Potty Babies - "Beef, Liver, Heart" (from Sacralicious!)
[Track 8: 37:45-42:20] Turkey Makes Me Sleepy - "Edna Lena Loo" (from The Fluff Of A Feather Pillow)
[Track 9: 42:20-45:10] Phloby Vs. C. Goff III - "Get The Gun" (from Book Of All Things)
[Track 10: 45:10-47:35] Charles Rice Goff III - "Motivation" (from Vulnerable & Volatile)
[Track 11: 47:35-48:45] Charles Rice Goff III - "Magic Potty Baby" (from Bean Dip Yo Yo)
[Track 12: 48:45-52:50] -Ing - "Seeming Steaming" (from Ingtrospection)
[Track 13: 53:45-1:07:10] Herd Of The Ether Space - "Mourning Has Broken" (from Topical Anesthesia)

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