White Riot Reviews:
13 Fast Hawkwind Death Fix Police Roundups

by Christian Mumford

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

'Spirit Of The Age' is such a rolly polly piece of silly science fiction Satanism I almost wee wee in my panties as the song has always been a favorite of mine.

'Hurry On Sundown' gets the groovy old Nazi in me to fondle my hippy dippy chest hairs over a marijuana cigarette.

'Assault and Battery' gets my bleeding heart liberal friends to die for Hell's Angels with a smile.

'Phetamine Street' is the ultimate in inner city hardcore speedfreak and gets my Judas Priest leather seal of approval.

'Arrival In Utopia' gets the anarchist in me to download dead archangels from animals through computer networks in the city where people die in front of flickering television sets.

'Elric' always gets me rocking and grooving in spikes and leather as a rather nasty punk and heavy metal saviour of the new wave of British heavy metal.

'You'd Better Beleive It' gets me and my old lady to snort a bag of speed and dance around naked for an hour in Catholic Church dharma as a superstar.

'Urban Guerilla' is pure unadulterated terrorist punkrock for the IRA and Baader-Meinhof segment of fans still popular with Bin Laden and Taliban, and even The Black Panthers.

The enchanting and mystical 'Sword Of The East' recalls the better middle eastern fantasy stories of riding across the endless Arabian deserts at night under the crescent moon, or just desperately looking for a chunk of lost hash or something when you're too stoned to figure things out.

'Kings Of Speed' gets time travelling zen monks in India to do the twist to the maddening bagpipes at the end.

'Web Weaver' has me curling my toes as a groovy little happy and stoned Grateful Dead hippy.

'Living On A Knife Edge' has me wandering the streets in search of something which is supposed to have killed me, feeling all cozy inside as a nasty little punk.

'Damned By The Curse Of Man' remains the tale of magi and women left in the periphery of anarchy as something to be ashamed of when it isn't.

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