Taba - "Electric Red Light"
(L'angelo Carnivoro 2002, AC CD-002, CDR-EP)

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

This is an Italian "group" (probably just one or two blokes, but I can't confirm) that has released a modestly-packaged, slightly low-fi CD-R EP that also seems to have CD-ROM capabilities, though I've not checked this out yet, so I'll stick to the music.

The intro piece "Effect Bubano" is a pretty cool bossa nova piece with freaky tronics that given some time might have proved pretty neat, but it's too brief. The first of four tunes, "Speedball", is a groovy contemporary Anubian Lights techno-piece with dub rhythm, nice space-flute whirls with some grungy riffing thrown in. The vocals are pretty expendable. Next is "Sexy Transitor", another beat-piece with more Anubian synth whoops, funky power-chords, though what makes this stand out the most are the phoney-porno female-orgasm "oh yeah" samples (god, am I too sadly famliar with that sound...). "Electronic Truth" is a pretty solid rocker offering another funky beat accompanied by ultra-spacey synth whirrs that are just right in the mix (some groups keep the whoop-and-whirr too low in the mix, so all you can hear from outside the room is the beat). "Star Requiem" closes the EP with a more somber piano/space-dub piece, augmented by doom-guitar at the breaks. Could be good background stuff, could put you to sleep (hey, sleep is not a bad thing!). Not too original, but not bad at all.

For more information you can visit the Taba web site at:

Reviewed by Chuck Rosenberg

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