Starfuckers - "Infinitive Sessions"
(DBK Works 2002, dbk102)

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

Fifth album by this oft-great Italian band, and what a strange trip they have been on. The press releases continue to name drop the Stooges, but the fact remains that the heavy riffing of their first couple of 12"s is WAY gone, to the point where even mentioning it seems just ridiculous. This new one bears little resemblance to rock at all, with all six tracks of sparse improv, chunky guitar chords and odd electronics dueling with the non-linear bass and drums. If you give it a superficial listen it could easily sound like it is all one long track sectioned up, but there are subtleties that emerge upon closer inspection. At this point Starfuckers sound more like what I would expect from a European improv group than a rock band. Compared to their last few releases this one seems even more sparse and abstract, which is really saying something, because they were already way out there. For someone who is already a fan of their later material I can recommend this, otherwise if you want to give the Starfuckers a try I would start with one of the earlier releases. This is definitely music for those with patient ears only, but if you are in that camp you may find your patience rewarded.

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Reviewed by Brian Faulkner

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