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From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

If Douglas Adams had snagged a latter-day version of the R.U.R. stage play, he might have been inspired to pen the lyrical inspiration for much of Solution Science Systems’ music — heaping helpings of (not in any order): verbal baloney, quasi quantum physics, and "Salvation Through Innovation". Today, tomorrow, and maybe yesterday in the improbable, wonkey universe of the SSS boys, we are the proud recipients of startling, yet bogus technologies, to wit: phonoton byproducts of Bioelectric Aural Research Development (BARD) technologies.), reconstituted eggs through the reversal of entropy as well as retrofitting an automobile for flight using the mysterious quantum enabling procedure...

In fact we’re treated to an exciting amalgam of musical styles — post-punk; power pop merged with ‘tight’ prog; a smattering of fusion — this stuff is accessible, bright, anchored by Bassist Andy Tegethoff and Kelly Shanes tight rhythm section (ETP features some great fills by Shanes) and owes a debt to — Split Enz, The Monks, Gong, Steve Hillage, Genesis, and perhaps, Drama-era Yes (without the angst). Public SSService announcement is just that — and worthy of inclusion in early Red Dwarf, while Hey, Butterfly is a power pop gem that showcases the band’s virtuosity on a fusion-style break featuring Rob MacGrogan’s metallic guitar licks, while Science is the Solution Part 1 is Steve Hillage/Gong influenced and incorporates Tegethoff’s Hammond work and a weighty break reminescent of Foxtrot-era Genesis.

The promo sheet describes them as ‘Shockingly Accessible’; SSS claim they are not a rock band. Well then, are they a group of scientists, striving to make "tomorrow’s dreams today" through the agent of "SciRock’, or a delirious junta of puppet wielding, skit performing, prop-bearing and lab coat toting malcontents who just happen to make fabulous and complex music? Does it really matter in the final analysis? I think not, and recommend SSS to all who value the visually ridiculous and the musically adventurous.

For more information you can email Solution Science Systems at:
Contact via snail mail c/o Michael Smith Management; 6500 Wright Circle NE; Atlanta, GA 30328.

Reviewed by Ian Compton

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