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A report on a special "rebirth" of four Seventies' Progressive Rock Bands in South Western Germany:
Nine Days' Wonder, Kin Ping Meh, Twenty Sixty Six And Then and Tritonus (PHOTO GALLERY)

Photographs by Britt Neuhaus

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

Painted flowers on the floor leading through the "labyrinth" of Seventies' Progressive Rock in the Rhine-Neckar area, South Western Germany

Original concert posters of the bands presented in the exhibition

Manequin with Seventiesí fashion

Manequins with Seventiesí fashion

The guitar as the leading instrument in the Progressive Rock of the Seventies

Record covers of the bands presented in the exhibition

Audience with Michael Bundt, Ex- Nine Daysís Wonder (light blue shirt)

Audience (detail)

AIís Frank Gingeleit (center), who was asked to lead through the program, opening the concert that started with Take Five, predecessors of Kin Ping Meh in the Sixties

l-r: Phillip Griffiths (Alias Eye), Peter Seiler (Ex-Tritonus), Frank Gingeleit, Michael Bundt (Ex-Nine Day's Wonder), Frieder Schmitt (Ex-Kin Ping Meh), Walter Seyffer (Ex-Nine Days's Wonder)

Among the audience: Rolf Henning (Ex-Nine Days' Wonder) with beret and Steve Robinson (Ex-2066 and then) with baseball cap

l-r: Michael Bundt, Frieder Schmitt, Walter Seyffer

Take Five, predecessors of Kin Ping Meh in the Sixties, opening the concert

Setting the records straight for the whole night: Steve Robinson (right), formerly with 2066 And Then and Nine Daysí Wonder, with Geff Harrison, original lead singer of 2066 And Then and the later Kin Ping Meh

Geff Harrison, original singer of Kin Ping Meh and 2066 And Then with background singers Jeanette Friedrich and Daniela Schweizer (from left to right)

Stage view with Steve Robinson performing with former members of Nine Days Wonder and 2066 and Then

Kin Ping Meh I with their original members Werner Stephan (center rear), Frieder Schmitt (right) and guest singer Martin Griffiths (Ex-Beggars Opera)

Martin Griffiths (Ex-Beggars Opera), on stage with Kin Ping Meh I

Stage action with Kin Ping Meh II: Rolli Gehrmann, Geff Harrison, Alan Joe Wroe (from left to right)

Alan Joe Wroe, original bass player of the later Kin Ping

Geff Harrison (center) and Alan Joe Wroe performing with Kin Ping Meh II

Geff Harrison: Original member of 2066 and then an Kin Ping Meh performing with Kin Ping Meh II

Peter Seiler, head and founder of Tritonus

Tritonusí bassman Rolf-Dieter Schnapka

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