Joscha Oetz - "Vieles Ist Eins"
(Accretions 2002, ALP026)

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

German born, but relocated to San Diego in 2000, contrabassist Joscha Oetz (yet another Trummerflora member) offers a set of solo and duo improvisations recorded during live performances between 1998-2001.

The contrabass has a powerful presence and Oetz works his instrument with delicacy, abuse, and all points in between. The manipulation of stringed instruments through various scratching, attack, and percussive techniques produces a surprising array of sounds, and Oetz does so in a style that explores the wide range of this territory while at all times retaining a sense of the "musical". This is apparent on his three solo tracks as well as five duo tracks with fellow contrabassist Barre Phillips. Oetz and Phillips function well as a team but are at their best when playing duel-like contrasting parts, some of which get powerfully aggressive. "Nurdim" is ROCK music for free-improv fans... head-banging for the avant-garde. "Toqua" is similarly potent but with more of a fusion feel. Fantastic playing and a great range of sounds that thud like piledrivers into the eardrums and chest, especially when they're cranking on those ultra low bass notes. The CD also includes a fiery duo with Andreas Wagner on tenor saxophone, and a banquet of sparse but passionate jazz, and carefully controlled chaos on the 13 minute duo excursion into music and sound with percussionist Greg Stuart. Lots to hear on this set that stands up to repeated listens.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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