Finkenbach 2002

Photographs by Frank Gingeleit

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

Marble Sheep (Japan) opened the festival

Marble Sheep

Guru Guru were the second band on the first night

Luigi Archetti (Guru Guru)

Mani Neumeier and a friend who made the garland for the stage decoration

Bernd Noske, co-founder of the original Birth Control on drums and lead vocals

The Space Hobos: Tara on drums

The Space Hobos: Cynthia on bass

The Space Hobos: The incredible Space M. Pfeffer on guitar and lead vocals

Dr Woggle and the Radio: Ska and Reggae from Germany

Wally Warning

The Hamburg Blues Band were supported by seventies icon Dick Heckstall-Smith

Mike Harrison, the voice of Spooky Tooth, also supported the Hamburg Blues Band

Mani Neumeier

Conni Maly

Conny & Mani

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