Color Cacas (Swamp Room Records 2002, 10" picture disc)

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

Yet another beautiful vinyl picture disc from Swamp Room Records. I've never heard of Color Cacas but according to the Swamp Room Records promo sheet they've been plugging away in the German underground since the 70's. The band is a quartet consisting of Marc V. On vocals, Eigelb R. Kramer on guitar, Matze G. on bass, and Enzman on drums. The music is a very cool mixture of the Stooges, Clash and the Sex Pistols, with some psych and 70's hard rock influences. The music is raw, firmly in the garage, and the band rock out with the abandon of a child thrashing about in a mud puddle. Dirty... but FUN!

"Inside Of Your Heart", "If" and "Hip Nations" are among my favorite tracks and have an aggressive punky Sex Pistols flavor. I dig how the band alternates between wild punk and melodic verses on "Inside Of Your Heart". "If" is another kick ass thrasher that's a bit schizophrenic having both a Sex Pistols sound, but also bits of 70's heavy rock. An excellent song!! And "Hip Nations" is probably the angriest song on the disc. "Everything Bad" has a drugged but intense Iggy and the Stooges sound that I liked. And "Alabama" was the only one of the 7 songs that I didn't care for, sounding more like a "normal" modern rock song. But that's ok because we've got 6 winners here. Excellent thrashy psychy angry rock n roll. I hope to hear a full length from these guys.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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