Ode to Robert Calvert

by Marcel van Dam

From Aural Innovations #21 (October 2002)

Earth life development and destruction....

Phase one...

Blue rivers change into poisoned green.
Chemical industries polluting the air....
Does some-one care what we all seen,
while politicians do nothing about it????
It aint fair...

The weather is changing a new way of course
by creating killing nature to let people torch.
Earth sounds are waiting for the Saviour Sing,
so start it all over, like it first was in the beginning.
Outside the earth is space desperate waiting for signs,
while earth wish to be wiped out by space outside crowd kind-linnes.

Phase two

Billions of years ago all planets and stars were argue about life form from planets. They certainly had something to do.
Millions of years conservations had a final result of terms that figure perfect look and no one could blame for a fault.
Meteors re-union by strength from sun, power attraction from moon and the brightly watching stars will also follow soon.
A huge meteor change in a great flamable fire ball, while it explodes away by opportunity of trap space streamlines fall.
Surrender by crystal stars, which were coming from planet Mars.
The big meteor was losing his power each passing day, but a small impact source from it in the inside will be there forever try to stay.
By nature reaction the meteor let explode air for power to leave and stars surround in space streamlines around earth let the air in there.
A repulsive gravitation was sending to earth by moon, so come a basic plan of together working process some very nice results soon.
Earth was born in Phase one, while other things were in the make, but didn't yet begin.....

Phase 3

Some stars from above develop from the inside some ore that approach the earth for supplies to make sure survive life creatures and let it seems for all lifeforms be worth.
By space streamline they spread themselves over a long area of different distance, where it looks like a pleasant celebration together with an enjoyment of a satisfied party dance.
Lot's of stars in space were frozen crystals that beware on the inside watercells within, so when frozen crystal reach the crystal-ozone of the earth it starts raining for a long time again.
Meteor earth was busy with volcano's and some underground forced to produce eruption but together with water came a nature science of a beginning from some weather reflexion. On a small layer of the earth starts to grow some plants on the scale ground while oceans, rivers, lakes, seas and volcanos rule the world as a great dictator master all around...
Pattern of earth finally get some exist, when the earth air streamline inside become a fact of artwork that space has made it as a creative thinker to let it be straight as a realist Millions of year later the earth has changed nature, weather, plants by a lot more of effects and the science learns that not all of it can be found to do some nature science re-acts...
Mother natures powers ruled over many, many, many, many, many, many, many, times where Moon consider, Saturnus thoughts, Jupiter discover, Stars twinkle and Sun shines.
The space was quite proud what they have already reached so far what should be done, but realise that Phase 3 "mankind wouldn't be already by thinking it out for so very long.

Phase 4

Many times space, stars and planets think to figure out a life-form creation that cost lost of time, consider, votes and most of all agreed when they've done some investigation.
Planet earth starts to live with on his own and become adult surrendered by space it looks like that planet earth slowly over all those millions, billions years a bit has been grown.
Moon brought Autumn & Winter with his cold power to lead over earth with his attraction where sun brought Spring and Summer to take care for earth and replies moon question.
Coldest point of earth by Mars and Jupiter by introducing North and South pole for some more balance, while East and west (moon and Sun) give life opportunity a small chance.
In the meanwhile happened in the dark underground earth starts life from fallen stars who were disappeared in there, which were sending stars around Jupiter and of Mars.
Those stars changed on earth by some science extremely nature change by serious facts of water, air and some meteor glorious power thanks to mystery unknown nature re-acts.
All cocoons develop in many different ways while they slowly growing every second, minute, hour, day, weeks, months, years, thousands, millions and billions light night days.
Life forms were spreading from underground, but some groups came into water, air, fire or came above the earth to listen for Mother-nature or Fathers underground sound.
Creatures of it could be by total vanish or destruction never been proved or just found.
Father underworld was the great source of life-form and Mother nature with his faith.
Mother earth is watching from there looking all the time to their grand parents space, where father underground waits for a thrilling sound of above to make a movement.
Together they formed (thanks to all others into space) a very beautiful detailed face, where space is satisfied what they have done and wish a very special message to send.
A couple of life-forms begin always very small, but on the other side world should be filled up with many more creations, otherwise the whole area's looks just very tall.
Space opened the door to create an intelligent life-form and everything that should be done was ended thanks to the wonderful spirit of the most important file: "Phase four".

Phase 5

The planet earth become unfaithful, aggressive, ungrateful and cheat the area space, where it will be watched by dust, planets, stars and meteors to notice every earth trace.
A re-union of space to destruct this creation earth is just a matter of time that seems to a space, people virus, wars and nature violence for a huge punishment invitation.
Space groups had always thought to live together in an eternal streamline space lines, but watch now with pain in their hard for a eternal power of some new vanish designs.
Space would or wouldn't wait for an answer, but create an option to live or destruction. Many times of thinking, figur-ing, agree-ing, proposing for a new plan of a 2nd action.
One moment of no more considering, but do-ing would be last for a past earth empire, as final Phase six would create a nowheres-land, without lifes or some passionable desire.

Phase six

Space Planets, meteors and stars are watching the earth every passing day, until a moment came that moon has hidden for a long time daylight sun.
A solar-eclipse would be there as long as moon keep sunlight from earth way, where comet attacks start without laughing or just having a great time of fun.
Crystal stars & meteors falling on earth like very sad tears that makes earth-lifeforms afraid by spongs on their own build fears. Where screamy earth listen with his ears.
It will go on this way for many days, like a cruel curse which was connect in the progressive ambition or anarchist lines of dust trust lines of the maingate-space.
The solar eclipse went suddenly over including all the dark dust, until earth natures explodes and shows the violent power that no lifeform could ever have been trusted.
Volcanos has spit out all those anger till lava were coming out and earth prepared for a fatal destruction of violence to let all inside creatures have been for forgiven been shout.
Many areas vanished by an extraordinary nature Wind, Water, Air and fire impulse, where seems to be always,vly-ing, waiting, thinking, cheating looks just by now so very false.
Many tornados came after that to sweep everything as much as possible clean, because all what has happened has a few survivors know and everybody the punishment has seen.
Continents lost in overwhelmed (applause of space) great tornados, where water waves (H2O= each to all) break dykes and drowned civilians lots of powers oceans and sea-s.
A few survivors left are wounded in their touched, torched, broken hearts really, while the bodies are branded by comets with many stripes or un-human lifeforms caves.
Finally destruction was an agreement of earth and space to start all over planet earth that explodes, so the undiscoverable dust of it, it's the only sadness from earth trace.

Phase 7

The 7th phase will build on again to improve earth as a better kindly growing man.
All steps shall be go-ing on, till space race and by democracy send prophecy.
No one can prove that this story is true, but facts as told no one denies it are lies too.

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