Steve Morse - "Split Decision"
(Magna Carta 2002, MA-9058-2)

From Aural Innovations #20 (July 2002)

For those who don't know the name, Steve has been at it for quite a long time. First with the Dixie Dregs, then Kansas and now Deep Purple. He has released several solo albums in the past and this is his second on the Magna Carta label. I saw Steve perform with the Dixie Dregs back in 1982 and then again with Deep Purple in 1998 and the guy can still really play the guitar. This CD has 12 instrumental tracks that range from very complex interplay between the excellent bass playing of Dave LaRue and the drumming of Van Romaine and of course, Steve, to the acoustic ballads. There are some ripping solos but for the most part Steve sticks with just taking his guitar and wrapping it around the songs in all sorts of directions in hopes that you just sort of follow him around. Most of the time this works great. I for sure prefer the electric guitar numbers of the first half of the CD but there is some excellent guitar work throughout. If you hope to find a Deep Purple sound here, you will be disappointed, as this is all Steve. Enjoy...

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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