The Mourning Glory (grounDnegativEarth 2001)

From Aural Innovations #20 (July 2002)

Other than recalling that they're from Illinois I don't know much about The Mourning Glory. Judging from this 5 song CDEP they seem to be a schizophrenic outfit that can't decide if they're a heavy metal or a prog-psych band. I don't have song titles but two of the tracks consist of pounding heavy metal with aggressive growling vocals and a Stoner rock edge. But there's also some synth effects that lend a spacey atmosphere amidst the metallic assault.

But then there's a nearly 9 minute track that seems to bridge a gap. It begins with a dark Gothic intro section featuring well constructed dual guitar patterns. The atmosphere and vocals are metallic but some of the guitars inject a welcome bit of psychedelia to the mix as well. About half way through the band launch into a grinding metallic onslaught with a seriously scary vibe, but also bits of acid guitar that keep the music in the more cosmic corners of Hell. A good song. Definitely something a little different.

The other two tracks take a very different turn into more overt prog rock territory. One track reminds me of a harder prog rock version of Porcupine Tree. It opens with acoustic guitars and atmospherics that give the music a prog-psychedelic feel. The music gradually builds in volume and intensity and has a bit of a symphonic sound. But then the guitar goes off into a psych rockin solo and the sonic whole takes on a mind bending majestic quality. An excellent song! My favorite of the five. The final track is an easy paced psychedelic prog rocker with an interesting guitar sound that crosses between prog metal and Robert Fripp. I really dig the way the band build up to a frenzy... but only a brief one that quickly but smoothly descends back to a calmer realm that closes the song.

In summary, well I'm not quite sure what to make of The Mourning Glory. Their purer metallic tracks are just ok, while the lengthier goth/metal/psych track was most intriguing, and the heavy prog tunes were pretty darn good. Their web site indicates they've got a full length out now so I'll be curious to hear if they've decided on a more consistent sound.

For more information and to hear The Mourning Glory's music you can visit their web site at:
The was a web site but it was down at the time of this review.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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