KevOz - "Into Orbit"
(self-released 2001, 3183)

From Aural Innovations #20 (July 2002)

Composed, arranged, and produced by Kevin R. Osborn. Kind of a one man band thing. This runs the gamut of electronic music styles: Techno, German Space and German Synth, New Age, and Annoying Pop are all found on this CD.

All right, hereís the good stuff. Of the 10 tracks, 8 tracks are surprisingly exploratory. I can hear a lot of German Space and Synth influence and Kevin does it right. He doesnít let the compositions drift off into mind-numbing New Age. There are some nice modern touches (in his sound selection) and the sequenced parts and the drums arenít overly repetitious.

The songs are for the most part melodic and go to a logical conclusion rather than being sound explorations that fade in and fade out. I particularly liked Kevinís softer poetic pieces. Overall, the music has a nice spacey soft feel to it.

Unfortunately, there is some bad stuff. The overtly Techno piece "Into Orbit" doesnít really fit and since itĎs the second track, itís a bit distracting. The Annoying Pop piece, "Skybaby", is at the end of the CD. It opens with that Mariah-Carey-like vocal wordless intro. Unfortunately, it soured me on the CD, and I almost threw it away. I donít really like to write bad things about anyoneís music, but those 2 tracks just donít feel right for this CD. I admit that I do like this CD, even though I skip the 2 offending tracks.

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Reviewed by Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter

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