Regular Fries - "Blueprint For A Higher Civilization"
(Soft City 2001, SOFTCD2)

From Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)

Regular Fries is a collection of 6 British chaps who still like to have fun when they make music. The liner notes give you instructions on how to access the blueprint and you should read this. The electronic Blueprint intro throws your ears for a loop before you enter into the psychedelic madness that is Regular Fries. "Big Bang" opens the CD proper and features NY rapper Sebastian Laws. It is a funky spaced out song with a laid back groove. The band really freakout with the synths and electronics and fuck with your head at times. Great song. "Soft City" follows with a Burt King sample, before a very British style rock number comes forth but the band don't do anything normal. Lots of wierd electronic sounds are mixed in, even when the band are clearly trying to make a more pop like song. "United States Of Mind" is a short and funky story. The band mix up these short 2 minute strange songs with more 4-5 minute regular songs throughout the CD. A good mix of the strange and the semi-normal rock songs, most with a funky groove (not all though), like "Sister Universe".

I think if you like your spaced out psychedelic music played in an interesting and very FUNKY style, you can't go wrong picking up some Regular Fries.

For more information you can visit the Regular Fries web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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